What we do

Our Earth’s resources are precious to our future. That’s why, collectively, we need to be careful about what we use and why we need to make an effort to reuse and recycle.

Working together with our partners and through our various reuse and recycling schemes, we lessen the impact on overflowing landfill sites by extending the useful life of products and recycling the items not suitable for resale.

What’s more, the profit that SATCoL receives from your donations is given to The Salvation Army (over £76 million has been donated by SATCoL in the last ten years alone).

As you would expect from an organisation with our reputation, we take the responsibility of repurposing our partners’ unwanted textiles and products very seriously. Our first priority is to help those in need, providing donated clothes and other items. This can include supporting emergency situations The Salvation Army is responding to, working with local Salvation Army community leaders to help those with minimal funds, and also helping other charitable organisations and volunteers that reach out to us for help.

Items we are not able to sell in our shops are sold to trusted sorting companies, ensuring that much-needed products are made available at affordable prices wherever they are most needed in the world or are recycled for other purposes.


Your donations raise essential funds for The Salvation Army. The charity's work in communities across the UK includes:

  • An Emergency Response Unit which attends emergencies such as floods and disasters across the country, offering expertise and support
  • Nourishing meals for older people and those experiencing homelessness at community drop-in and residential centres
  • 3,200 beds a night for vulnerable people at our 80 hostels (called lifehouses)
  • Protection and care for victims of human trafficking and modern slavery

Wherever there are people in need, you will find The Salvation Army.

Visit The Salvation Army website for more information:  https://www.salvationarmy.org.uk/


 Our environmental impact

SATCoL has an important enabling role in a future circular economy and we are keen to work closely with our partners to help them achieve their sustainability targets and ambitions as well as our own.

We are a founding signatory of the WRAP Textiles 2030 agreement, and we will be working with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to increase the circularity of our business and identify ways we can support our partners’ circular economy work. To read more about our environmental credentials, and the work we do with our partners and organisations within the circular textiles economy, visit our Trust page (add link).




Our six core values are ingrained in the way we work:


1. Responsibility: ensuring that we are good custodians of the resources entrusted to us

2. Honesty: upholding the integrity of the organisation, being truthful to ourselves and trusting in each other

3. Commitment: guaranteeing that in our day-to-day work we will consistently support the aims and objectives of The Salvation Army

4. Respect: honouring the admiration in which The Salvation Army is held, and mirroring the esteem for the organisation and each individual within it

5. Excellence: striving for it in all that we do, particularly in the area of customer service

6. Compassion: demonstrating an awareness of, and sensitivity towards, each other, creating a desire to embrace the distressed and comfort those in need