Glaitness School in the Orkney Islands town of Kirkwall has teamed up with Salvation Army Trading Company to join a recycling scheme. The children at the school were the first in Orkney to partner with the charity, which will see them donate their unwanted clothes, shoes and other textile items to help raise money for their school as well as The Salvation Army.

Glaitness School, which has a very strong recycling ethos backed by fantastic support from the students and their families, was delighted to join the scheme when the previous collector was no longer able to make collections.

Helen Killeen, the school’s business manager said: “We were looking for something that would fulfil our recycling ambitions but would also give something back to the children.”

The reuse and recycling scheme will help keep textiles out of landfill while raising money for The Salvation Army and generating funds for the school’s Parent Council, which will use the money to put towards its Scrapstore. Helen explains:

“Our partner organisation, Orkney Zero Waste, obtains risk-assessed unwanted materials and offcuts from organisations that would otherwise scrap them. We in turn purchase them for our school Scrapstore. At break times the children can access the Scrapstore and use a whole mix of materials for imaginative play – anything from cardboard or plastic offcuts to unusual netting or fabric. As a result our children directly benefit from the money raised and we’re also helping to keep even more materials out of landfill.”

Catherine Inglis, Sales Manager at Salvation Army Trading Company said: “It’s early days for our partnership with Glaitness School but the enthusiasm we’ve seen from the children and staff is incredibly encouraging. We’re certain the school will do really well on the scheme.”