Locals invited to official opening, 9am Friday 13 May

Julie Cook, manager of the Salvation Army charity shop in Dudley, and her partner Ray Smith, who also works at the shop, have transformed their charity shop at 193 High Street into a haven for music and film enthusiasts. The new-look first floor space in the shop will officially open at 9am on Friday 13 May.

Ray, a keen film and vinyl music fan, saw sales of second-hand entertainment increase due to the high demand in the local area. He and partner Julie (whom he met working at the Salvation Army), then set about transforming the space on the upper floor of the charity shop, dedicating it to vinyl, CDs, DVDs, musical instruments, video games and other entertainment industry collectibles.

The upstairs space now houses over 20,000 items, all of which have been generously donated by the public. Among the collectible items for sale are film set props from Braveheart, Casino Royal and Batman. There is also a listening area by the till for customers to try out new music.

The first floor entertainment space will officially open at 9am on Friday 13 May (193 High Street , Dudley DY1 1QE (01384 252985). From then on, it will be open from 9.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Saturday. The downstairs area of the charity shop will sell everything from clothes to small items of furniture.

Julie and Ray are particularly looking for volunteers who have an interest in film and music to help them at the shop. 

Shop: Dudley